Connecting to GitHub

Connecting the Seal platform to a GitHub repository enables it to automatically sync with your projects, detect vulnerable packages, and possibly open pull requests to replace vulnerable packages with fully-compatible sealed versions.

After you clicked Connect GitHub on the onboarding, you will jump to a GitHub screen:

In this screen you will be asked to select the relevant GitHub organization, and then decide whether to give the Seal app access to all its repositories or to select specific ones.

After you've selected which repositories you're giving access to, you'll return to the onboarding flow. Seal will then scan the relevant repositories for any dependency files, for example package-lock.json. You can choose which dependency files you want Seal to scan. Each dependency file will map to a separate project on the platform.

You can also add repositories from another organization by clicking on Connect another repository.

Note that you can always add more projects later from the Projects tab, by clicking on the Import from GitHub button.

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