Clearing the Cache

As an artifact server Seal only has visibility to those artifacts that are pulled by the build machine. Therefore, if instead of pulling libraries from an artifact server the build machine uses a locally cached copy, the Seal server will be unaware of its usage.

To get an up-to-date snapshot of the packages used as part of your build process, you should first clear your package manager's cache.


  • For npm run:

npm cache clean --force
  • For Yarn v1 run:

yarn cache clean
  • For Yarn v2 and later run:

yarn cache clean --all
  • For pnpm run:

pnpm store prune


  • For pip run:

pip cache purge
  • For Poetry run:

poetry cache clear --all


  • For Maven run:

mvn dependency:purge-local-repository -DactTransitively=false -DreResolve=false
  • For Gradle run:

rm -rf $HOME/.gradle/caches/


  • For Go run:

go clean -modcache

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